Men’s Ministries

Sunday Morning Men’s Class

Contact: Dec. Freddy Porter

The Paradise Men’s Ministry is encouraging all men to come and join us each Sunday morning at 7:00 a.m. The mission of the Men’s Ministry is to build up men who are spiritually, mentally, and emotionally equipped to be strong role models as husbands, fathers, big brothers, and mentors who can be used by God.


Contact: Rev. Richard Nimmer

This is the Pulpit Ministry of associate ministers. Their primary function is to serve as the Pastor’s armor bearers and to preach and teach as assigned by Pastor Leon McDaniels, Sr.


Contact: Dec. Freddy Porter and Dec. Victor Nelson

The ministry of the Deacons at the Paradise Baptist Church is a Pastoral-appointed ministry (Acts 6:3b, 6). Our supreme mission is to evangelize the lost; to support and uphold the Pastoral Ministry; and to serve the disciples at the Paradise Baptist Church.